Rose Coleman

I have been a professional photographer for 17 years, and my dream is to become one of the country's best photographers of all time. I grew up in this business, in my mother's darkroom printing my prints since I was a small child, and to say that this is my life would be an understatement; this has been my world. 



know that mom's are the last person that get's ready for the day because she is the one getting everyone else ready. Your kids are going to wonder why you aren't even in the photos. #printyourimages is a movement I am apart of, so all of my portraits come printed and digitally. There is never a better time than now to have your portrait taken. Photos by @loveandwater

I am now a wife, a mother, businesswoman and a teacher. When I pick up my camera, I am not necessarily thinking about what I can create; it's more about what is unfolding right in front of me.  I know the value of a beautiful image that captures the season of life. As a mother, I know the phrase, "Where did my little baby go?" As a bride, I know that those images are irreplaceable. As a wife I know, I