Jentri McPherson - Norman North Senior Class of 2018

I have had the privilege of knowing this family for many years. Our churches brought us together and through it, I have had the opportunity to watch this young girl grow up into a fine lady. When that happens and you get to capture a special moment in their life, you won't ever forget it. I know I will never forget you Jentri. I am excited to see where The Lord takes you next.

Ms. Shellbi Campbell - Community Christian Senior Class of 2018

I love capturing senior pics. I have yet to do a session I didn't thoroughly enjoy when it comes to high school seniors. I love love looooovvvve it. Ms. Shellbi you are so gorgeous and thank you for having me be apart of your senior year!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

This was a very special session and I have to explain. I don't photograph a ton of kids, but when I do I am trying more and more to create a magical type of look a feel from their images. Unusual, special, different. I want to think of something that paints a special picture and I have to say that I love this family and his photos will be some of my favorites forever. 

Mr. Gibson

I have a thing for red heads.. I always will=) #gingersforlife


We have been graced with the most beautiful weather this September. Fortunately,  I had a gorgeous wedding a week and a half ago & captured the new Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Demby. I love this girl and have known her since she was just a child. Then I was fortunate to capture her senior pics and now her wedding... All the heart strings. 

Mackenzie Oklahoma City Headshots

I love capturing just an individual portrait session for a female. I love it. I always have so just an update on what I have been doing is capturing personal branding sessions for those who need an impactful photo for all platforms: Instagram, Facebook, snapchat.. etc. 


Followed up with a few bridal meetings for upcoming weddings! THIS IS AWESOME!

Image of the day.

I am looking forward the fall. Anyone else out there? I love the changes of the season and the newness it all brings. I love that kind of change. I think its good for me, my heart. I fell this year has been a mountain of changes and this upcoming year will be no different. My family knows it. In the middle of it all, I still can appreciate a beautiful photo. Hello August and come on September!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 2.28.51 PM.png

Whitney Green - OKC Maternity Photoshoot

We took the time to drive out of town to do these portraits for Whitney. The images were totally worth it! Absolutely beautiful. She has just about a month left before she delivered her baby.


 I hope to do a lot more shoots with waterfalls! 

Reagan's Bridal Portraits

I love your guts Reagan. Absolutely just one of my favorite people I've ever gotten to meet from church. Photographing your bridal portraits was just a joy.