It'e been a long time...

Well it’s been a long time since I posted.. not a reflection of a lack of work, probably more the opposite of that. I have been busier than I have ever been before. I have a sports photography business called Center Stage Portraits and I work with my spouse and love what we get to do with our athletes. It’s just been a huge focus for 2018. Portraits have always been something that I have loved but I have not been as happy with my business model in the sense that I create beautiful images for families but then I don’t see what they do with them.. I have no idea if anything ever even gets printed as this is a digital world… With that being said it’s something I have relaxed on and focused on our athletes.

2019 is right in front of us and big changes are in the works. A new home, a new studio, acres upon acres to build and dream and CREATE!

Hopeful to share more in the future weeks!

TAYA SMITH - Westmoore Senior 2018

Wrapping up this school year with a gorgeous high school senior portrait session! Multiple locations, multiple outfits, finally a beautiful day and images I REALLY DO LOVE. Trying some new things this year really put myself out of my comfort zone... really. Its a lot more work than what I used to do, but the images reflect more of my style and what I love to create. I am thankful for it. 

Mr. Ryan Laronde - Southmoore High School Senior 2018

Let me just explain that you have no idea what we did to make this session happen. We already had to reschedule Ryan's session because last weekend we woke up and it was snowing... in Oklahoma.. in APRIL.. which is unheard of. We braved another terribly cold and extremely windy day but thankful his hair was short and he smiled his way through it. Love your golf images Ryan! I am so glad we did this!

Jentri McPherson - Norman North Senior Class of 2018

I have had the privilege of knowing this family for many years. Our churches brought us together and through it, I have had the opportunity to watch this young girl grow up into a fine lady. When that happens and you get to capture a special moment in their life, you won't ever forget it. I know I will never forget you Jentri. I am excited to see where The Lord takes you next.